Ambrose on Justification:
A Study in the Catholicity of Lutheran Theology

Justification in Contemporary Roman Catholic Theology:
Does it Differ from the Position of the Council of Trent?

Confessing the Faith in the Language of America:
The Historical Context and Enduring Significance of
the Henkel Translation of the Book of Concord

The Nicene Creed and the Filioque:
A Lutheran Approach

Some Thoughts on the Divine Call to
the Ecclesiastical Ministry of Word and Sacrament

Are the Lutheran Confessions a Practical Document Today?

Church and State, Congregation and Synod:
With Special Reference to the Church Polity of the Lutheran Church
in the Netherlands in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

One Ministry in Two Senses:
The Lutheran Doctrine of the Public Ministry of the Gospel

Charles Porterfield Krauth: The American Chemnitz [PDF]

Is it Proper for a Woman to be Called
to Administer the Lord’s Supper to Other Women?

An Exercise in Parsing:
A Small Contribution to the Ongoing Discussion
concerning the ELS Ministry Statement

Understanding “The Public Ministry of the Word”

Some Reflections on the Military Chaplaincy
(With Special Reference to Lutheran Chaplains in
the Union Army During the Civil War)

Walking Together: ... Balancing Augustana VII with Augustana XV [PDF]

Reformations Before the Reformation [PDF]

The Understanding of Luther’s “Union with Christ” Teaching
in Early 20th-Century American Lutheranism, Compared to the
Understanding of This Teaching in the “New Finnish Interpretation”

Walking Together in Faith and Worship:
Exploring the Relationship between Doctrinal Unity
and Liturgical Unity in the Lutheran Church

Communion Frequency in the Lutheran Confessions and in the Lutheran Church [PDF]

Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Hermann Sasse as Confessors and Churchmen:
The Bethel Confession and Its Intended but Unfulfilled Purpose

Infant Communion in the Lutheran Church? [PDF]

“I Would Rather Take Poison”: A Genealogy Tale, and a Tale of Faith [PDF]

Byzantine Lutheranism? Byzantine Lutheranism! [PDF]

“Our Righteousness before God...Is Revealed in the Gospel.
On this Righteousness Faith Relies.”

The American Recension of the Augsburg Confession
and its Lessons for Our Pastors Today

“A Person’s Informal Confession of Faith Must Also Be Considered”:
Reflections on the Use of Pastoral Discretion in the Administration of Holy Communion,
with Special Reference to the Practice of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod

June 24, 1844: Genealogical and Theological Reflections
on the Life and Death of Adeline (Lasher) Denegar

The Seal of Confession in the Evangelical Lutheran Church,
with Special Reference to Confessions of Child Abuse

Internet Communion? [PDF]


Hymns by David Jay Webber [PDF]


Luther at the Wartburg